Samsung Captivate crash

We have comments that the game crashes on Samsung Captivate. If you have such an issue, please submit crash report and let us know the details here. Thanks!

"Your order is being processed" error

If you have purchased an additional cave pack it is possible you might see "error, your order is being processed, the software will be available in a few minutes". It is normal if it lasts for few seconds. But we have found that occasionally the Android Market becomes 'stuck'.  If this happens, simply restart the app to successfully complete the purchase. We're sorry for this inconvenience. 

If this does not work then,
please try to clear the data for the game and then try starting the game again. To do that, on your phone please go to Applications -> Settings -> Applications -> Manage applications -> Boulder Dash and then press "Clear data" button and "OK". This will clear the game's state and after restarting the game your cave pack should be available. Please note that  "clear data" will also ERASE ANY PROGRESS  you might have so far in the game. 

Please update the app to the latest version, to further address this and other issues.

Hardware Compatibility

- Droid Bionic - crashes often
- Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1 - runs full screen on some devices while not on others.
- Motorola Xoom - screen size issues
- HTC Hero - runs on some devices while not on others.
- HTC Desire HD, Desire S and Desire Z - On this *device all retro caves are displayed in the same color palette
- LG Evo 3D - On this *device all retro caves are displayed in the same color palette

*Please note unless listed above, retro caves ARE displayed in multiple pallets on all OTHER devices, just like in the original versions!


Intro Story

Rockford™ & his sister Crystal™ use their time machine to build the world's largest collection of diamonds. Now their little sister Gem™ Gemand most of their priceless collection are missing so they've packed their equipment & set out to rescue Gem & find all the missing magic crystals & reclaim their treasure.


To move Rockford™ use D-pad, Split or Touch controls. Configure controls in Settings. When Hints are displayed is also controlled in Settings. They appear only Once by default.
Escape if trapped

If trapped use Escape function (skull and crossbones) in inventory to sacrifice a life and restart cave.


Collected power up items are stored in inventory. Tap on inventory button (backpack) to access inventory & then ta on an item. Selected item appears in top-right corner of screen. Return item without using it by tapping on inventory button while in cave BEFORE issuing any directional command.

Inventory Items


Boot: kick boulders & some bombs.


Hand: push, grab or dig without moving.

Rotation: rotate screen.

Hammer: smash boulder.

Bomb: blow certain things up.

Escape: restart cave.
All but escape only work in combination with directional command.

Additional keys

The Options menu is accessed with device menu's key.

Game is optimized for Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY device and hardware D-pad buttons can be used.

Magic Crystals

Magic Crystal
In a very few caves, the exit door is replaced with a magic crystal. Collect as many as you can from within different cave packs!

Enemies & More

Butterflies move in predictable patterns. When hit them with items they explode creating 9 diamonds.

Fireflies move in predictable patterns. When hit them with items they explode.

Amoeba grows slowly at first but then amoeba starts to grow faster. If surrounded, amoeba changes into diamonds. If it grows too large it changes into boulders. Note: if you are stuck you use Escape function (skull and crossbones) found in inventory. You sacrifice a life and restart the cave.

Magic Wall
When active Magic walls turn boulders into diamonds and diamonds into boulders. First clear space under magic wall then drop boulders on it. But hurry, the magic wall will deactivate shortly and it can not be reactivated again in the same round.

Growing Wall
Growing wall expands if you clear space next to it in the direction it grows. When a cave rotates the growing direction doesn't rotate.

Bombs will explode if they fall, if kicked or if something falls on them. When kicked, bombs fly horizontally and explode on impact. To kick a bomb: position Rockford™ to the left or right of the bomb, tap on inventory button to access inventory and then select kick, issue directional command to kick the bomb. Note: to move, the bomb must have at least one cleared space next to it.

Pause and Explore

To pause game, tap inventory button. Use finger to drag cave in all 4 directions and/or use the zoom buttons or pinch to explore cave. Tap on play arrow/button to return to cave.

Game Performance

If you experience performance issues, please disable zoom in Settings menu. This may improve performance on slower devices.